CareTrail is secure, critical patient information anytime, anywhere.

CareTrail is a powerful clinical communication and collaboration application that combines messaging, scheduling and tasks into a HIPAA-compliant suite. CareTrail integrates with electronic medical records systems including Epic, and has secured integration options for critical values reporting, admits/discharges/transfers, and external communication systems.



Your ability to communicate with teams is at the heart of delivering great medical care. Real-time messaging and tasks are at the heart of CareTrail.


Collaborate with specialists, physicians, emergency services, and testing experts in and outside of your clinic.


Just because a patient has left your building doesn't mean their care is complete. With CareTrail, continue the conversation and reduce re-admits.

Anywhere, anytime care.


CareTrail, developed by VisionIT, is a HIPAA-compliant mobile application that instantly enables healthcare professionals to collaborate on patient care in real time. Messaging, tasks, on-call schedules, and care instructions are securely shared in a familiar, intuitive environment. Built using the strictest security standards and with clinicians in mind, CareTrail empowers medical professionals with anywhere, anytime access from any smartphone.



Everyday medicine.

CareTrail is purpose-built by domain experts with years of clinical experience. The app is patient-centric, intuitive, and designed for quick mastery.


Extend care everywhere.

CareTrail Web extends the user experience beyond the smartphone, giving you access through your browser at any time.

At the heart of all communication in CareTrail is the robust on-call scheduling system. Powerful enough to replace your legacy system and easy enough to use that anyone can set complex on-call schedules.